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Let's Get to Work

People walkingWe've all heard the national guidelines that we need at least 30 minutes of physical activity a day. How about working your exercise into your schedule by walking or biking to work? If you don't live close enough to your workplace to walk or bike all the way, consider walking or biking to the bus stop or walking to meet your carpool. Did you know that experts say if you get your exercise in spurts - 10 minutes here, ten minutes there - that you're getting the same benefits as doing 30 continuous minutes?

On this page you'll find some resources to help you walk or bike to work or connect to bus service, rail service, carpools, or vanpools.

Tips for Bicycle Commuting

Plan your Route

  • Think about how far you’re traveling, the amount of traffic, road widths and conditions, and the terrain.
  • Drive your selected route looking for wide roads with less traffic or streets with bike lanes. Major streets may not be the ideal choice.
  • Ride your route on the weekend watching for hazards (potholes, blind intersections) and time your trip.

Be Safe and Predictable

  • Always wear a helmet and signal turns.
  • Position yourself to be seen. If the road is too narrow for you and a vehicle, it’s legal and safer for a bicyclist to take the lane.

Carrying Cargo

  • Pack your briefcase, lunch, clothes, etc. in front or rear racks, frameless backpacks, baskets, saddle bags and seat bags (panniers), or a trailer. These items are available at bike shops. Be sure to secure your cargo with bungee cord, if necessary.

Pack Tools

  • Have your bike tuned and checked at a bike shop before you start commuting.
  • Keep a tire pump, patch kit (with spare tube), and small tool kit with you and know how to repair a flat and fix a chain.
  • Replace your tires when worn and headlight batteries when dim.

Dress to Commute

  • Avoid wearing sandals or high heels.
  • Wearing ankle straps will keep your pant legs out of the gears.
  • Fenders will keep dirt and mud off your clothes.
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