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Report coverEconomic Impact Study of Bicycling in Arizona: Out-of-State Bicycle Tourists & Exports

This study was specifically focused on the contribution to the Arizona economy from out-of-state visitors engaged in bicycling activity in the state, and out-of-state customers, wholesale or retail, of bicycle products made or sold in Arizona. Obtaining this information included documenting:

  1. The manufacture of bicycles and bicycle parts, as well as bicycle-related clothing and accessories.
  2. Wholesaling and distribution of these bicycle-related goods.
  3. Retail sales of bicycles and also bicycle parts, accessories, and clothing, and bicycle servicing and renting.
  4. Inventorying the various types of bicycling events and of organized tours by bicycle: onroad bicycling, mountain biking, cyclo-cross bicycling, BMX (bicycle motocross) races, triathlons and duathlons, and organized training camps for event participants and teams.
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